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About Us

Kussmaul Seed's roots go back 81 years to 1934, when Rud Kussmaul planted one acre of seed corn to sell to a few neighbors for extra spending money. In June of 2007, Rud, now 94, told Al how in 1934, after planning one acre of seed corn, he proceeded to build a seed corn dryer. It had a slotted floor above to hold the corn and was heated from below by firewood. It took 10 days to dry a batch, since there was no electricity at this time to force the heat through the corn. He hooked up a B tractor to a pulley and fan to force the heat through. He used an old gas engine on a sheller and fed it by hand. His seed grader was also gas driven and could grade out one bushel per hour of flats and rounds. 

Now, in 2015, our 81st year of growing and providing seed corn to farmers, we still remain and independent, family seed company. We wish to thank all of our customers over the years who helped us get to where we are today, and invite those prospective customers that we have not yet met to join us.